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We are Kvanza Group

We are a trading, manufacturing, and service group which works with well-known companies as their OEM Manufacturer and Buying Agent !!!


We are Kvanza Printing, we are printed items, packaging materials, and promotional items producer



We  produce:
Printed Materials
Packaging Materials
Promotional  Items

HoReCa  Products, Supplies, Amenities
Work Wear and Work Uniforms
Jeans- Sporty Fashion
Furniture and Decoration Items
Some Electronical  Items  (Consumer and Industrial)
Linux Based Software
Metal and Plastic Parts ( As partnerships)
Some Electronic Goods and Parts

We trade:
Consumer, Business, and Industrial Electronics (Including Computers and Smart Phones)
Electronic Goods
Agri Products
Metals and  Metal Components & Machinery
Fashion Goods (including Leather Products, Luggage, Jewelry, Shoes, and  others)
Auto Parts & Accessories
Building and Construction Materials
Home Appliances
Beauty and Personal  Care Products

Our Service Businesses are:
Travel Agency
Advertising Agency
Street Fashion Retail Chain
Amusement & Vending Machines & Kiosks

Printing, Promo Products, Workwear
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